19 realities after CoVid-19

Surviving the changing World and a rulebook for Digital Customer Engagement

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They say the earth is healing. The shopping malls are empty, the bank counters deserted. The city looks sleepy from the exterior, and there are roomfuls of concerned people locked-down everywhere, waiting for a better future.

CoVid-19 has changed everything.

This is a radical transformation of the customer reality. No — selling soaps, fashion, cereals, insurance (or anything for that matter) to them…will never be the same again

“When did the future switch from being a promise to a threat?” Chuck Palahniuk

The CoVid-19 crisis is nothing like anything our entire generation has been exposed to before. All rulebooks change from here on — the nature of aspiration people harbor, what you teach to children & what you don’t, growing Brands or quickly getting lost in oblivion — it’s a beginning of a new world.

We have been deeply meditating on the global changes that are unfolding. The crux of our finding is that the key to winning this new reality is understanding & deeply internalizing that customers have discovered that ‘interconnectedness’ is the most profound normal … that the largest threat to the world economy could be a health-event, local food choices can lead to a global health crisis and consequently a shutdown in earning and jobs. That everything needs to be questioned and rethought with this ‘interconnectedness’ as a driver of strategy. Should a country spend more on military or medics? Is earning & investing to travel the world aspirational anymore or saving it for an emergency will find more takers, are virtual friends better, or the real ones?

We hope this rulebook helps Brands & business leaders internalize this interconnected dimensions of the future and revisualize Digital Engagement models that are Good for the Planet and Good for its people because it’s this interconnectedness — where the customers of tomorrow shall dream and thrive

Welcome to the 19 Dimensions of this new reality for the post-Covid-19 world

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  1. Empathy over everything

The seas are full of plastic. There’s a virus that super-spreads. Social media spews divisiveness. The political climate has gotten uber-toxic over years. While the world lives episodes of the Black-mirror in real-time — all that the people want is a meaningful exit from all these historical human-made nonsenses that have accumulated over time.

The neo-reality will back ‘hope’ and Brands that stand for serious consideration for the end-users’ holistic betterment. In this new world, every Brand has to stand up for radical empathy and social-wellbeing. Each Brand (no matter what the category is), going forward, is either a wellness Brand or nothing

2. Acceptance of the anxious

An epidemic we have been living through the years already and not speaking enough about it is the tsunami of stress, anxiety, and depression. This crisis, though, normalizes anxiety and find an audience for the stressed.

Brace for a future where the new normal is people with heightened mental-health help requirements, OCDs, phobias, and paranoias. While we quickly become a race that has to become more resilient and prepared to handle a widespread mental-breakdown reality, it’s an opportunity for forward-thinking businesses to create a framework that helps the anxious & lonely, create products for them, accept them, engage them and create ambassadors out of them

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3. Everyone online and everyone needs help

In the pre CoVid world, businesses would talk about the offline customer vs the online ones …channels and percentage-share. But in one stroke of nature’s will, everyone is online and everyone has to be educated & assisted — from the youngster discovering online studies to the first-time user who wants to check the personal finance options— millennials to baby boomers, religious fanatics to free-willed minimalists. The success of businesses in this dimension would boil down to leadership capability of moving fast and building out their entire business as a mobile-first digital business — across functions and as a wholly inclusive,multi-lingual inclusive experience. Even if the virus dies anytime soon, people are not looking at meeting sales or service people and shaking hands to sign documents again

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4. Revolutionary social inclusion

The customers of tomorrow understand that interconnectedness is the new normal. Hence they would back businesses who take care of their people across income & socio-economic conditions and communicate that proactively. Customers, more than ever before, would want to know where the product was created, how was it packaged, and delivered — they would want to know who sanitizes the seats that are offered or when did the barista last go for a health checkup?

Vanilla diversity is dead, the future belongs to revolutionary social inclusion

“Diversity is being invited to the party; inclusion is being asked to dance,” Verna Myers

5. Fighting fake news

There’s a term that captures the fake news situation well— infodemic.

With everyone on messaging platforms capable of creating and distributing content, the problem of fake news is barely in its infancy. Courtesy AI & deep fakes, the future will see catastrophic examples where fake news can disrupt anything from products & businesses to social security & governments. Businesses who are not tracking news in real-time, investing in technology that tracks customer sentiments and shapes business decisions realtime are living on ticking time bombs bound to disrupt

6. Money that will grow ( and stay)

The current crisis could first spell disaster and then unprecedented opportunities for financial services brands. For once, this could be the moment that goes down in history as the moment of rising of the super-conservers — people who save money to stay prepared for all unforeseen circumstances that lie ahead of us. The nature of capital markets’ volatility — both the crisis and the opportunity, can also mean never-before opportunities of educating customers about the discipline of investing, right financial behaviours, etc. However, the masses will keep anchoring to the recent negative event and will remain risk-averse. Brands who out-educate will outcompete others and command a disproportionate share of the wallet.

Insurance markets shall deepen, however, pricing shall undergo a revolution where businesses will win or lose the war in their ability to crisis-factor their algorithms and looking at profitable market-expansion models. Niches shall rise, and so shall alternative products with very regional, age-sensitive, or life stage sensitive appeals.

Oh, did we also mention — give it another decade and paper-cash shall vanish forever? Cash is already seen as “dirty money” and people will take to digital money with a speed — as if their lives depend on it

For the eager and curious — here’s Ray Dalio on how the fundamentals of money and the economy work

7. Jobs vanish. Jobs re-appear

There are two distinct eras of the ‘future of work’ crystal-ball gazing — pre and post-CoVid19. We believe the world ahead will see a never seen before decentralized models of working where power is centralized but empowerment runs deeper. While cloud-native applications will bind far-flung teams, the world will see new trends like outcome-first salaries, the fluidity of work hours, very high demand for communication-abilities, and the need for emotional intelligence & technology orientedness — no matter whatever the role.

There are new business models that will emerge by growing, guiding and helping millions in the job-capable population who will now have undergo this metamorphosis.

In summary, the world would go through job-cuts, rethinking redundancies and a subsequent rush of a new wave of digital-native, growth-minded, emotionally intelligent professionals who are ready to link their pays and gratification with the ability to help businesses navigate choppy times, uncertain customer sentiments and create disruptive business models

8. Germophobe leaders

The world is undergoing a process of healing. On the other side of this, business leaders need to rethink everything that they ever have. It’s a true opportunity to create businesses that are reimagined around obsessive cleanliness. Would you mind a slightly longer checking process in a hotel if they guarantee you desensitization of everyone who’s ever checked in? Would you pay slightly higher for a flight that communicates every bit of what they do to keep the seats clean? Burgers or tested/certified/glass-boxed supply chain burgers? Decorated, good-for-skin, gift boxes of sterilized epicurean sanitizers, anyone?

The crisis would spell opportunities and germophobe-innovations shall reek the profits

9. Getting eased into boredom

Boredom & slowing down, pausing, and reflecting is back to being cool. After a long time in the world, people are ready to unlearn, to listen and ruminate over new concepts.

If you are a Brand truly intent and invested in this new world that needs new skills & habits … and if you communicate your intention and vision well, there’s an audience ready to lend you an ear and start doing what you want them to do. Outeducating, as we say is the new rule of outperformance in this neo-reality

10. Traditions are good

The brutal truth of modernism has been that for every step forward for technology, traditions have taken one step back. For e.g. before we realized, the art of making food gave in to the art of food-photography & influencing with Instagram-worthy designs and restaurants — form over function.

The current crisis teaches us to go backwards — from rediscovering traditions like buying less and consuming lesser, to cooking your own food, meditating in silence, or greeting each other with a humble ‘namaste’. The world is learning to find solace in times of apocalypse from a single forgotten source — going back to ‘traditions’.

The future of traveling is traveling inwards and there are millions of people out there who want help in this journey.

“ All major religious traditions carry basically the same message, that is love, compassion and forgiveness the important thing is they should be part of our daily lives” Dalai Lama

11. Re-skilling to have the highest ROIs

In the new world, unlearning will be one of the biggest strengths of the survivors. Since, all rules change from here on — the fittest will be those who are capable of keeping aside their baggage and radically reinvent themselves by learning new things and approach the future in a newfound creative way.

Brands in this scenario have a great opportunity to emerge as leaders, taking awareness & engagement of learning content at home & digital and effectively rewiring to a strategy in which the path to winning the heart & minds of customers is by helping them reskill-up to face the brave new world of new customs, expectations, and rules

Photo by OC Gonzalez on Unsplash

12. Radical thinkers welcome

In a long time in the earth’s history, we have now seen a crisis which has no real experts navigating us to a definitive solution. From the TV-type guru to the online opinion-leader, everyone is disarmed and exposed …with the ‘unknown’, being the only reality.

This creates an unprecedented opportunity in our lifetimes where radical ideas, thinkers, business models, and innovators who were pushed aside by the erstwhile pundits shall again have their place under the sun. The openness to seeing old problems with newer lenses and backing radical solutions vs the safe incremental ones will exponentially rise. This unlocks new opportunities for both the private & public sectors and can create a new generation of future business leaders who were earlier in obscurity because of the spotlight only being on established norms, mimetic business models, and a certain fiefdom on new ideas & innovations.

13. Millennials and GenZs discover family — the good and the bad

The crisis is teaching people to re-discover staying indoors, especially for the Millennials and GenZs who have lived, eaten, and discovered meaningful relationships only out of home since their beginning of growing up. And that means one can’t avoid the “closest” people by birth & relationships anymore. The coming together of families will unearth never-before-seen dynamics. From the ones that are good & uplift the collective to the wrong & raw — like mental health, stress, domestic violence, etc.

The world is suddenly open to anyone who can teach families how to stay together and make the process enjoyable again. Takers, anyone?

14. Navigate the world virtually

The travel-sector may suffer, but traveling won’t. With AR, VR, rich media, and great content — everyone in the world would be excited to know about everything else in the world more than ever before. In this new interconnected reality, we think that ‘traveling places’ will now get democratized via technology and go local & vernacular in terms of consumption and reach

Photo by David Dvořáček on Unsplash

15. An alternative to ‘everything’ in education

The CoVid-19 crisis is the largest experiment in the world towards home-schooling, digital learning, and the online of everything when it comes to learning. From the young couple learning to cook to the children helping each other out in group-zoom calls, the yoga trainer traveling via youtube — we see the discovery of culturally relevant digital education & training services locally will unearth billions of dollars of new market creation.

Millions of small and medium brick & mortar education providers, here’s your chance to thrive or perish. The four walls of the classroom will never be the same again

16. Transparency is the new business model

Transparency is trust.

From ethical sourcing to the fair treatment of employees including blue-collar ones to glass-boxing the delivery framework — in a post-crisis world, businesses would have to stand up for transparency and develop breakthrough communication frameworks that are real-time, simple, efficient and engaging when it comes to showcasing sustainable businesses commitments around transparency and accountability.

17. Climate warriors

We believe the action around Climate-support will intensify and consumers would expect businesses to take a stance towards pro-climate actions including tangible commitments around the people-planet-profit framework.

We believe that this is a deeply uncharted space, a blue-ocean for creating breakthrough consumer engagement programs including creating an incentive & social gratification framework (around the core of Brand & product-truths) to cultivate earth-friendly habits & conscious consumerism.

We also believe that now it’s the right time to induct pro-environment thinkers and sustainability professionals in consumer engagement, innovation and NPD (new product development) teams to re-invent futuristic and meaningful customer-thinking products and programs.

18. What’s the next pandemic?

If you haven’t already, watch Bill Gates’ revolutionary TED talk recorded several years back here

In a post-crisis world, the paranoia would remain lingering deep-down. And media, scientific discoveries, revelations, and share-worthy news ( both real & fake) on the possible next pandemic shall survive and thrive. Quest for the next uncertain could just be the glue that binds billions in this planet, going ahead

19. A touchless, automated, empathetic future

Gone are the days when business leaders who would profess ‘human-touch’ as their differentiator.

While the need to be human is more important than ever before — the route to it is proactively building purposeful, meaningful products and processes that run 24/7, are aided by humans, or are cognitive & human-like (courtesy technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing).

A deep-rooted corporate philosophy of thinking cognitive-automation first and innovating with empathy on behalf of the customer will be the mightiest long-term differentiator in business that the world will see.

May we all survive and thrive — CoVid19, and beyond.

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We are happy to have a deeper conversation with you on what CoVid-19 means for your business & community. Write to us at rise@jubi.ai and one of us will get back to you soon on how we can help to push your realities




#JubiAI. At the intersection of behavioural science & Artificial Intelligence for the future of social impact, money, health & commerce. rise@jubi.ai

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#JubiAI. At the intersection of behavioural science & Artificial Intelligence for the future of social impact, money, health & commerce. rise@jubi.ai

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